In Memory of Sarah Kimball, we are still selling Happy Home products.

Vanilla (clear & dark), lemon, orange and almond flavorings are $2.50 a bottle. (Clear vanilla flavoring, tastes the same as the dark. It is recommended for white icing.)

Red food coloring each bottle is 7 oz. for $4.00. 

Black pepper 10 oz. for $8. 
Greeting cards which come twelve-to-a-box. $5 or $6. (Birthday, Thinking of You, Sympathy, Anniversary, Get Well and All Occasion).
There is a copy of the catalog in Jo Ann's box in the hospitality room. We can order anything that is in the catalog. Please see Jo Ann or Juanita to make your purchases. We are making a profit from the sell of these items. The money will be used for our Senior activities.